Image licensing

Around 3,000 images may be licensed instantly for personal or commercial use

Personal Use licensing

Photos from the galleries or from a client photography session or event may also be purchased and instantly downloaded under a personal use licence. This covers your subsequent non-commercial use of the image(s), including on your own personal website, and permits personal printing. Volume pricing is also available.

Pricing for personal use licences is proportional to the size of image file you wish to download and starts from just €4. Images are provided in JPG format and are made available for immediate download after purchase.

Small 500 Facebook, personal websites etc. €4.00
Medium 1500 On-screen presentations €20.00
Large 2500 Personal printing €40.00
The pixel counts refer to an image’s longest side
Prices are quoted in Euros
Interior detail, looking up at the stunning chandelier at the Byzantine church of Angeloktisti at Kiti, Cyprus. Most of the church dates from the 11th and 12th centuries, built upon the remains of a 5th century basilica (Nick Anderson)

Rights Managed licensing

Rights Managed licences cover images for a wide variety of commercial uses, including advertising, retail and publishing. These licences are priced automatically online using the fotoQuote® system, per the specific usage requirements you select. If you are satisfied with the quotation, simply proceed through the checkout and a full resolution JPG file of the image will be made available for immediate download together with a copy of the licence.

If you would prefer to receive a licensed image in a format other than JPG, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I’ll arrange that for you without delay. Whilst high resolution JPG files are provided for convenience and storage economy online, the offline originals are in almost every case 21 megapixel RAW files and a copy of an image in your preferred format – such as TIFF – can very easily be provided to you via FTP or a download link.

Low resolution comp images are also available to help you plan your layout before purchasing a licence. Such downloads are provided free of charge from the download image link on each photo page in the galleries.

Old doors, weathered but given a fresh yet light coat of paint not too long ago, in Omodos, a well preserved village in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus (Nick Anderson)

Image quality


I primarily use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21 megapixel camera, which produces very large, high quality image files. The majority of photos in the galleries – any image dated 17 December 2008 or later – were taken with this model. Prior to this date I used either a Canon EOS 400D or 350D and these images consequently have a slightly lower resolution.

When browsing the galleries, the resolution for each image is clearly shown beneath each thumbnail when viewing a gallery, and beneath the image when viewing a single image. The date the photo was taken is also shown when viewing a single image. For an example, click the image above to view it in a gallery, complete with location, date and resolution information.

If you visit the travel photography page, which lists the locations of all travel photographs in the library – both currently, and planned – all photography in 2009 and later = 5D MkII, and all in 2008 and earlier = 350D or 400D with the exception of Cyprus – all Cyprus images are 21 megapixel files.

Note that for security and website management reasons images are displayed in the library up to a maximum width of 980 pixels. In the case of a 21 megapixel image, which has a true width of up to 5616 pixels, this means that you are only seeing the image at around 17% of its true size. Rest assured, however, that when licensing photographs you will be supplied with image files at the full, stated resolution (or in the case of personal use downloads, at the resolution you have chosen).


All of my images displayed throughout the website and in the galleries are watermarked for security purposes, as are the low-res comp downloads. Should you feel your decision to license an image would be better served by viewing a non-watermarked image, simply get in touch and I’ll arrange that for you.


All too often, published images include tiny dust specks, which appear as small spots and are especially visible on light, plain-colour areas of an image such as an expanse of sky. Although tiny, once your eye has spotted a dust speck it can be very distracting and completely spoil your enjoyment of an image.

Naturally, the best way to ensure dust-free images is to maintain a first-rate camera cleaning routine, although with travel photography in particular – changing lenses “in the field” in often dry and dusty locations – this is not always possible. Photography in such situations can often introduce dust specks to images, which should then be diligently removed in post-processing. Many photographers seem not to do this and allow their images to be published as-is. All images here, however, are certified dust-free.

Geotagged images

The majority of my images available for licensing have embedded latitude and longitude coordinates, showing exactly the location where each photograph was made. Most modern image management and viewing software will show you this information, which can be very useful both in choosing the right image for the job and in searching your own media library for images taken near a particular location.

Some older images in the library are currently missing this information, though they are being replaced with updated files over time. Unfortunately there is no facility within the library itself to show which images are or are not geotagged; should you license a image without this information but require it, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to supply the relevant information together with an updated image file.

Mermaid fountain in Trafalgar Square, London (Nick Anderson)